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May 29, 2017 - summer camp

club getaway flip crater susana hoAn attendee celebrates her Flip Cup semifinal win during Club Getaway.Melia Robinson/Business Insider

More than one million adults attend stay any year, looking to relive their childhood memories or knowledge a summer tradition for a initial time.

While kids’ stay assemblage has declined in new years, forcing many organizations to close their cabins and sell off their land, a series of camps for adults has swelled faster than a butterfly bite, according to Grownupcamps.com. There’s a stay for each type, from Camp Rosé All Day to a some-more normal Camp No Counselors, that seemed on “Shark Tank.”

And when campfire s’mores and sing-alongs are churned with “flip cup” tournaments and a garland of singles cavorting to DJ music, a outcome is a unruly sleepaway stay knowledge distinct a one we might remember from childhood. In 2014, during a conflict of a summer stay for adults boom, we attended Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut, to see what a hum is about.

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