Washington County licence propagandize opens in a woods in a summer stay setting

October 25, 2017 - summer camp

Deep in a woods of northern Washington County, 167 facile students are holding classes during one of Minnesota’s newest licence schools.

It’s there, in a shaggy sourroundings imitative everyone’s favorite summer camp, that River Grove has taken root.

“Studying in Wilder Forest is magical. It feels like you’re in a wilderness,” pronounced proffer Stephanie LeGros, referring to a school’s sourroundings in a charge area north of Stillwater. “It feels like this place has come alive with a children being here in this pleasing setting.”

River Grove, famous strictly as Marine Area Community School, has built a curriculum on environment, arts, county impasse and a abounding story of circuitously Marine on St. Croix. The K-6 propagandize is housed in several cottages leased from Concordia Language Villages.

Many of a children enrolled during River Grove came from dual facile schools in Marine and Hugo that recently sealed in a argumentative preference by a Stillwater propagandize district. Students also come from Forest Lake, Stillwater, Lake Elmo and Maplewood.

Planning for River Grove began in a open of 2015, about 9 months before a district announced a propagandize closings. One of a founders, primogenitor and house member Kristina Smitten, pronounced they had designed to ensue regardless of a hostile shutting dispute.

Third-graders during River Grove played round in a timberland during their recess.