Unsupervised Fun At Club Getaway: A Summer Camp For Adults

March 28, 2018 - summer camp

Every summer, during sleepaway camps nationwide, campers incline for apples. At Club Getaway in Kent, they do it, too, with a twist. First campers splash a tough cider. Then they incline for a apples in a vat peaked with even some-more tough cider. By a finish of a game, one and all are utterly jolly.

Club Getaway is a stay for adults.

“There’s a sorcery in camping. It brings people together and they forge holds by common experiences. The substructure of all tellurian tie is by common experiences,” says David Schreiber, who founded Club Getaway.

Club Getaway has a lot in common with kids’ summer camp: tone wars, volleyball, hikes, football games, dress contests, a pond, towering trails, archery, trampolines. But there are differences.