Umphrey’s McGee Debuts More ‘it’s you’ Songs At Summer Camp

May 29, 2018 - summer camp

Umphrey’s McGee played a sum of 7 sets between this past Thursday and Sunday during a Summer Camp Music Festival during Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. On Friday, a Chicago-based rope denounced a live entrance of a strain off their warn manuscript it’s you and continued a trend on Saturday and Sunday.

UM released a 10-track it’s you on May 18 with no allege notice. The studio manuscript is a band’s second of 2018 following a Jan recover of it’s not us. On Saturday during Summer Camp a organisation denounced a live entrance of “Seasons” from it’s you as partial of their second set of a day on a Sunshine Stage. Then, on Sunday, Umphrey’s treated fans during a festival to a initial ever live takes on it’s us marks “Xmas At Wartime” and “Push Pull.”

Saturday’s initial set saw a rope fibre together a instrumental intro “Le Blitz” with an extended “Plunger” and a Jake Cinninger showcase “Glory” to open. The six-piece afterwards tangled a initial “FF” given Jan into “In The Black,” a strain that dates behind to 2015 that appears on it’s you. A 20-minute “2×2” was followed by percussionist Andy Farag heading UM on their initial cover of Snoop Dogg’s “Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None)” given December. A sincerely candid “Hurt Bird Bath” resolved Umphrey’s opening verse on Saturday.

Umphrey’s began their second set on Saturday by inserting a recently debuted strange “It Doesn’t Matter” within “Mulche’s Odyssey.” Next came a live entrance of “Seasons” that was followed by Cinninger versus a organisation on “Deeper.” The support finished with UM’s cover of “1999” by Prince and runs by “Dump City,” “August” and “The Silent Type.” UM afterwards unleashed a “JaJunk” encore.

The sextet returned to a Sunshine Stage yesterday for a 90-minute afternoon set that brought their weekend during Summer Camp to a close. Up initial was a metal-tinged “Crucial Taunt” forward of a pretension lane from 2014’s Similar Skin. The beautiful it’s you instrumental “Xmas At Wartime” was debuted subsequent before aged propagandize favorites “Mail Package” and “Bridgeless.” From there, UM extrinsic a first-ever “Push Pull” within “Great American” and lonesome “Africa” by Toto. A pairing of “Tribute To The Spinal Shaft,” “Whistle Kids” and a end of “Bridgeless” finished a afternoon and festival for Umphrey’s.

Watch fan-shot footage of Saturday’s “1999” prisoner by Gregory Marcus:

Setlists (via All Things Umphreys)

Saturday, May 26

Set One: Le Blitz Plunger Glory, FF In The Black, 2×2, Ain’t No Fun (If a Homies Can’t Have None), Hurt Bird Bath

Set Two: Mulche’s Odyssey It Doesn’t Matter Mulche’s Odyssey, Seasons[1], Deeper, 1999, Dump City, August, The Silent Type

Encore: JaJunk

[1] debut, original

Sunday, May 27

One Set: Crucial Taunt, Similar Skin, Christmas during Wartime[1], Mail Package, Bridgeless Great American Push Pull[1] Great American, Africa, Tribute to a Spinal Shaft Whistle Kids Bridgeless

[1] debut, original

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