This is a many critical square of summer stay rigging for Scout leaders

June 11, 2018 - summer camp

Hiking boots are finished for walking, and life jackets are finished for canoeing.

As for stay chairs, those are finished for sitting down during summer camp.

In fact, I’m going to contend stay chairs are a many critical square of rigging an adult personality can container for their weeklong Scouting sojourn.

Not a cot. Not bug spray. And really not a laptop full of work stuff. A stay chair.

You’re already holding a week off from your job, so we competence as good lay down and suffer yourself. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Scouts will always know where to find you.

For emergencies vast (“I can’t find my consequence badge class!”) or tiny (“I can’t find my other shoe!”), it’s good to have an adult who can be found fast and easily.

2. It’s a order during many camps anyway.

Oh yeah, this is some-more than usually a good idea. It’s a rule.

Most summer camps need that during slightest dual adults be benefaction during stay during all times. This is so stay staffers can strech someone from any couple during any time.

3. Scouting’s ostensible to be youth-led.

Scouting owner Robert Baden-Powell once came adult with this unaccepted sign for Scoutmasters: “When we wish a thing done, don’t do it yourself.”

He means we can keep your chair while your comparison unit personality and unit leaders do things like control dwindle ceremonies, accumulate a couple for dishes and purify adult camp.

They get to use care skills, and we get to be around to offer assistance or mentorship when needed.

4. You worked tough all year long. You consequence this.

Yeah, Scouting’s youth-led, though it’s powered by a persperate of adult volunteers like you.

Summer stay is a good time to flog behind and put your feet adult — presumption your stay chair is a imagination kind with a leg rest.

5. It’s a ideal mark for reading a book.

The Scouts are off earning consequence badges and creation new friends. The usually sounds are the rustling of leaves and chirping of birds.

The conditions are right for reading. That creates a good book the second most-important square of rigging we can move to summer camp.

But remember to travel around some, too.

When it’s another adult’s spin to stay behind during camp, take advantage of a event to explore.

Pop over to a climbing wall to hearten your Scouts to a top. Check out a consequence badge category or two. See if a stay has some arrange of foe for Scoutmasters and partner Scoutmasters.

Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina, for example, offers a Scoutmaster Golf Tourney each Thursday afternoon. Instead of golf balls, they use racquetballs. Instead of golf clubs, leaders use clubs they make while during stay — maybe while seated in their stay chair?!

At Camp Buffalo Bill in Wyoming, there’s a Dutch oven dessert cook-off for leaders. Yum!

And we know a ideal place to suffer some Dutch oven cobbler, right?

Yep. A stay chair.

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