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June 11, 2017 - summer camp

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) – Eleanor Ramseier used dual eggs, one white and another brown, to learn a doctrine about farrago during a new summer girl camp, called Camp Navigate.

It was a initial day for a new camp, that aims to strengthen a internal workforce by training “soft skills” starting during an early age. About 80 children have enrolled, both full- and part-time.

First, Ramseier asked a organisation of children how a dual eggs were alike. Students answered that both can be eaten, both have yolks, both can crack, and, according to one boy, “You can pound them both with a hammer.”

How are they different, she asked? The categorical disproportion was a color, a children answered. Ramseier afterwards pennyless open a eggs to uncover students that while they were opposite on a outside, on a inside – a eggs are a same.

She used that as a doctrine to speak about diversity. “We’re all a same on a inside, though on a outward we might demeanour different,” she said.

She stood subsequent to one of a stay counselors, DeWayne Perry. “Do we demeanour alike?” she asked. They didn’t.

“Guess what? we have a heart. He has a heart” and both have feelings that can be hurt, Ramseier said.

The initial week, campers are training about opposite cultures and “how we should conclude any other’s differences,” she said. “Employers have settled that with a workforce apropos so global, they are seeking employees that suffer operative with and collaborating with people from opposite cultures.”

Campers also schooled about North America, and in particular, a U.S., Canada and Mexico and they did an art plan with a theme, “We’re all opposite though we all can make a change.”

Other activities focused on manners and communication skills. On a playground, students incorporated “please” and “thank you” into a diversion of solidify tag.

In a morning, Common Ground Cross Fit and Yoga worked with students on a mindfulness/relaxation exercise. “Employers enterprise employees that know how to promulgate their emotions as good as control their emotions,” according to a stay report handout.

Later students were to take a margin outing to a Feline Cat Rescue Center in Clay City.

One of a participants, Lily Ramirez, 10, said, “I’ve never been to a stay like this and my mom pronounced it would be a good change on us … and we unequivocally wanted to go to it.” On a initial day, she pronounced she’s already schooled about “how to be responsible, be good to others, and not everybody’s a same though on a inside they are.”

A parent, Stacy Bocard, has a 13-year-old daughter in Camp Navigate. “We’re really vehement about it” since of a importance on S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities and care skills, she said. One of a activities will be ridicule interviews with village entrepreneurs, she said.

Ramseier, stay executive and co-founder of a module with her husband, Tim, said, “We’re super vehement that a village has wrapped their arms around this. We have tighten to 80 (participants)” and a stay is still usurpation registrations.

Students can attend full- or part-time and collect a weeks they wish to attend; it is divided into 4 age groups: ages 4 to 6 years; ages 7 and 8; ages 9 and 10; and 11 years and up. The module includes a margin outing any week and swimming during a Vigo County School Corp. Aquatics Center twice a week. The summer stay is for children pre-K to 8th grade.

Dr. Pamela Gresham and Tim Ramseier have grown a curriculum, and a module is housed during both DeVaney Elementary and The Life Center subsequent door.


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