Teens Participate in Summer Camp Service Projects

July 19, 2017 - summer camp

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY — Instead of holding a normal summer vacation, a organisation of kids in Schuylkill County motionless to assistance out those in need.

”We’re going to get behind a compensation that we altered someone’s life,” camp-goer Tallin Chupick said.

This is a 10th year for a Romans 12 stay run by a Community Church of Prayer formed in Schuylkill County. About 40 teenagers work to finish 22 use projects in a area. The stay lasts for a week. The students work during a day and stay out together during night.

“It is good to see them come out,” Community Church of Prayer Pastor Ron Schultz said. “What we like to learn them is that being a Christian is not only entrance to church on Sunday. It’s about a approach of life, so we tell them they are not volunteering, they’re serving.”

Some of a projects a kids are doing embody building a ramp for a teen with disabilities and hosting a fair for adults with earthy and egghead disabilities.

The camp-goers pronounced a stay allows them to lower their tie with God.

“Really, it’s nothing of us,” camp-goer Eric Stitt said. “God has given me a possibility to do this and I’m only doing a best we can do for him.”

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