Swan Valley invulnerability saying red after Muskegon summer stay …

November 5, 2017 - summer camp

SAGINAW, MI a Matt Pike scored some-more on invulnerability than Carrollton scored on offense.

For a Swan Valley linebacker, however, it’s all partial of personification for a invulnerability that is personification a best football of a deteriorate after winning Carrollton, 42-7, in a Division 5 district championship diversion Friday during Swan Valley.

“Our defensive line wasn’t giving adult anything … and it non-stop all adult for a linebackers,” Pike said. “Our defensive line manager (Jon Horton) has to be a best defensive line manager in a area. The line played great.”

And Pike took advantage. He gave Swan Valley a 9-7 lead in a second entertain when he sacked Carrollton quarterback William Boensch in a finish section for a safety.

“I was in coverage, covering a behind out of a backfield,” Pike said. “When (Jalen) Myles stayed in to block, we went by a hole and got a quarterback. It seemed like a large branch indicate in a game.”

Pike, a 210-pound junior, combined a 33-yard interception lapse in a third entertain when defensive finish Cameron Toth sloping a Carrollton pass during a line of scrimmage. Pike hold a sloping pass during a 33-yard line and ran for a touchdown.

“I saw Toth tip it … we had to hook down to get it,” Pike said. “But once we had it, we only had to run for a finish zone.”

The Swan Valley invulnerability hold Carrollton to 45 yards rushing and 159 yards flitting in improving to 10-1 and advancing to a Division 5 quarterfinal diversion opposite Muskegon Oakridge.

The matchup is interesting, since Pike points to a summer stay in Muskegon as one of a reasons Swan Valley’s invulnerability has appearance during a playoffs.

“It was a two-day camp, and it was great,” Pike said. “If you’re going to learn new things, who improved to learn them from than Muskegon, who competence have a best group in a state?

“(Muskegon High manager Shane) Fairfield worked us out, gave us a lot to do and taught us a lot that we could use. It done us improved players and a improved team. You’re saying a disproportion now.”

Swan Valley manager Kevin Gavenda noticed.

“Our defensive line and fundamentally a front 7 only played superb football,” Gavenda said. “It was a good group effort. Those guys adult front didn’t give adult much, and it done it a lot easier for a linebackers to play downhill and make plays.”

Swan Valley played but heading rusher Emmett Boehler (knee) and defensive back/receiver Terryon Liddell (arm).

Gavenda pronounced he is “hopeful” they will lapse for a quarterfinal diversion during Swan Valley opposite 9-2 Oakridge. The dual teams have never played.

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