Summer Camps & Activities 2018: Camp Hope Connecticut Works To End Cycle Of Abuse

April 14, 2018 - summer camp

Some children have never had a event to float in a lake before, some have never been to sleepaway camp, and some have never had a event to simply suffer their childhood.

The children and teenagers who attend Camp Hope Connecticut all come from opposite backgrounds though share a common thread of being unprotected to mishap as a primary or delegate victim, possibly by domestic or passionate assault or child abuse.

Camp Hope Connecticut is run by a Center For Family Justice, located in Bridgeport with satellite offices via a state, whose idea is to yield free, confidential, and bilingual predicament services to those in need. Their idea is to assistance revive victim’s lives and teach communities on preventing destiny abuse. Its extensive services and resources can be accessed all underneath one roof.

Center For Family Justice President and CEO Debra A. Greenwood says that Camp Hope Connecticut launched in 2017 and was desirous by a inhabitant primogenitor program, Camp Hope America, that started 14 years ago in California.

“We’re really vehement to offer Connecticut now with this program,” Ms Greenwood said. “We were comparison as one of 16 locations opposite a country, a-year-and-a-half ago, to start adult a Camp Hope, and that was supposing to us by a Verizon Foundation, that supports Camp Hope America.”

Camp Hope Connecticut takes place in late Jul and early August; Camp Tepee in Monroe is a day stay for immature children from 5 to 9 years aged and Camp Hi-Rock in a Berkshire Mountains is a sleepaway stay for children and teenagers 7 to 17 years old.

Prior to Ms Greenwood’s scarcely decade-long career with a Center For Family Justice, she worked for YMCAs in Connecticut for roughly 30 years and was informed with Camp Tepee and Camp Hi-Rock, both American Camping Association accredited locations.

As a result, a YMCA has partnered with Camp Hope Connecticut to yield a protected sourroundings for campers where they can suffer a outside and be surrounded by learned counselors.

“The YMCA has been positively incredible,” Ms Greenwood said. “They have been good partners, and they sight a staff on their manners and regulations for their camps. Then we sight their staff on how to work with children influenced by serious mishap and abuse.”

The staff members during Camp Hope Connecticut are specifically comparison since of their backgrounds in clinical and amicable work, knowledge operative with children, and carrying perceived training in California by Camp Hope America.

Hope Scales

Each child and teen that seeks to attend a Camp Hope America is evaluated regulating a Accelerated Children’s Evaluation (ACE) model, that asks 10 questions per a forms of dire practice they have been impacted by.

Questions operation from if they have come from a family where there has been possibly domestic or passionate violence, if there was bonds of one of a parents, if there was abuse that trickled down to them, if a primogenitor was divorced, if a kin or primogenitor upheld away, etc, and asks how those unpleasant situations influenced them.

Most children who attended Camp Hope Connecticut final year gifted 5 or some-more of a traumas, with one immature lady carrying gifted a 9 out of ten.

“These are kids that come from homes where they never get to be a child,” Ms Greenwood said. “These kids are not usually from middle cities, they’re from suburban towns, as well.”

Not usually does a Center For Family Justice weigh a children and teenagers before attending Camp Hope Connecticut, though they work with them all year round, including carrying a special follow-up 30 days after camp.

Ms Greenwood pronounced that they use an evidence-based magnitude called “Hope Scales” to review about how a children and teenagers felt before and after attending camp.

What they have found is that before stay a children share measureless feelings of hopelessness, though after Camp Hope they spin some-more carefree for a future.

By providing these immature people such a certain experience, Center For Family Justice hopes to assistance them by a mishap to where they have collection to equivocate probable abuse and to never spin an abuser.

“Camp Hope is what breaks a intergenerational cycle of abuse,” Ms Greenwood said.

She hopes one day a children who attend Camp Hope Connecticut will be means to come behind as stay counselors and let a younger era know that it can get better.

What Campers Can Look Forward To

In further to a week of enjoying humanities and crafts, swimming, counterpart bonding, campfires, and outside activities, Camp Hope Connecticut follows Camp Hope America’s special curriculum to give a campers amicable and romantic support.

Every day during camp, there are dual Hope Circles where everybody can accumulate to speak about how they are feeling and how they found wish that day. It is an event for campers to feel upheld by one another and spin some-more gentle opening up.

Ms Greenwood pronounced that usually final summer she saw some children swell from hardly vocalization dual difference during a commencement of stay to finale adult behaving in talent shows and feeling assured in themselves.

There will be an open residence for guardians and a children during a Center for Family Justice to perspective videos about what any stay looks like and what creates Camp Hope Connecticut opposite than any other stay out there.

How To Support A Camper

The Center For Family Justice strives to never spin divided a child or teen in need and safeguard that campers who attend Camp Hope Connecticut do so giveaway of charge.

With costs of about $1,000 for one camper for a full week during Camp Hope Connecticut’s sleepaway stay and $500 for one camper for a full week during day camp, a Verizon Foundation has helped give grants to many towns in need.

However, a Center For Family Justice is still in need of anticipating appropriation to support a campers, as a hopes to enhance a Camp Hope Connecticut knowledge to assistance twice as many children as final year.
That is because a Center For Family Justice will be carrying a “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” fundraiser to assistance lift income for Camp Hope Connecticut. The travel takes place in downtown Fairfield on Saturday, Apr 28, during 8:30 am.

Those incompetent to attend can also present by a Center For Family Justice website to assistance Camp Hope Connecticut by visiting or by job 203-334-6154.

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