Summer stay puts on large talent show

August 9, 2017 - summer camp


Move over Broadway, a summer stay for kids with special needs put together a large show.

Kids during a Jawonio Summer Camp in New City have been practicing their singing and dancing skills all summer prolonged forward of today’s performance.

Campers danced and sang along to a accumulation of cinema like “Trolls,” “Tangled” and “Tarzan” in front of their family and friends.
Joseph Debargas even dressed adult like Maui from Disney’s “Moana” for his performance. “I’m a small bashful infrequently though I’m going to get used to it. Once I’m called up, I’ll be prepared and be singing my song.”

Staff members during Jawonio contend a lot of these campers have never sang before. “Many of a kids get a initial possibility to be in front of an assembly to perform. And it’s a initial time their relatives see them sing or dance in public,” says multiplication executive Jerry Staller.

The stay wraps adult during a finish of a week though a lot of a kids tell News 12 that they can’t wait to come behind subsequent year. 

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