Summer stay offers payoff of service

November 21, 2017 - summer camp

On some of a hottest mornings this past summer, dozens of University of Notre Dame alumni families grabbed H2O bottles, piled into their cars and gathering off to opposite sites around South Bend to take partial in a university’s alumni Family Volunteer Camp.

Instead of a common summer stay fun, these families spent their four-day stay weeks pulling weeds, classification canned products for a food bank, portrayal a resident’s room during a YWCA, visiting nursing home residents, or portion lunch during a South Bend’s Center for a Homeless.

Some stay days were grueling, campers admitted.

Rose Rozembajgier, a 1994 connoisseur from Carmel, Indiana, pronounced that one of her toughest days during final summer’s stay was installing a new rubber stadium aspect during Reins for Life, a horseback-riding trickery for infirm children and adults. Rose, her husband, Mike, also a ’94 grad, and their 3 children teamed adult with other alumni families on a breathless day in July.

“We had to fit these rubber pieces around a stadium equipment, and it was impossibly difficult,” Rose said. “Everybody left sun-burned and blistered, though it was unequivocally rewarding since we knew we were withdrawal this stadium permitted to wheelchair-bound kids and adults!”

Like his wife, Mike Rozembajgier is happy with a family use camps his family has attended for a final 3 years. He’s also tender that Notre Dame’s stay planners make certain that campers have a accumulation of use experiences.

“Each summer,” he said, “we’ve had days that were only impossibly physical. You are unequivocally operative tough from a impulse we get there until a impulse we leave. Then, you’ve got other days where we are equally exhausted, though it’s some-more emotional. You’re only listening to people or assisting them with what they need to do that day.”

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