Summer Camp for Grown-Ups: Camp No Counselors

May 30, 2017 - summer camp

As we competence have heard, summer camps for grown-ups are a really genuine thing that have been gaining in recognition over a past few years.

With all from sleep-away space camps to skateboarding camps, perplexing to pinpoint a right summer stay to concede we indulge your memories of campfire stories and youthful hijinks can be tough if we don’t know where to look.

This is since we spoke to a collection of opposite adult summer camps opposite a nation to assistance we select that one is a best for we to relive those days during camp.

For a initial installment of “Summer Camp for Grown-Ups” we concentration on Camp No Counselors, a summer stay particularly for adults that has widespread to some-more than 25 locations opposite North America and been featured on ABC’s strike uncover “Shark Tank.”

adult summer stay stay no counselors
Escape a routine of your work week with some elementary fun, like tug-of-war. Photo: Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

Here, we give we a low-down on what Camp No Counselors is all about:

What is it?

Camp No Counselors is a weekend summer stay for adults that was founded by Adam Tichauer behind in 2013 that has given developed into a authorization widespread out opposite North America. Its sign is “Play like a kid, celebration like a grown-up.”

How did it start?

“I went to stay as a child and it was always a many fun time of a year, since we had no relatives and no priorities,” Adam Tichauer told GrindTV. “And a few years ago we was operative 100 hours a week in New York, and we hated how critical my life had become. So we motionless to classify a weekend in upstate with my friends to usually have fun.”

Tichauer’s procedure to get out of a Big Apple for a sentimental weekend of summer stay shenanigans apparently resonated with his friends, since after creation a few phone calls, that initial weekend during a stay in upstate New York fast grew to where 80 people showed up. This finished adult being a initial weekend of Camp No Counselors.

What can we design if we revisit Camp No Counselors?

It’s rather simple: You can design to party, with no restrictions.

“Growing adult as a kid, each Sep when we were entrance behind to school, all kids in propagandize were articulate about was how many fun they had in summer camp,” Tichauer told GrindTV. “So that initial weekend we hosted Camp No Counselors my friends incited to me and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cold to go behind to camp, though as adults so, we know, we can maybe have some beers and celebration a small bit?”

adult summer stay stay no counselors
As a stay states, a idea is to celebration like a grown-up. Clearly, campers during a Los Angeles plcae got a memo. Photo: Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

What’s a standard camper during Camp No Counselors?

“We have around 200 campers per stay session, and a normal age is 30,” pronounced Tichauer. “But we’ve had people as aged as their mid-50s. Our usually process is 21 and up, and many of a people who come to a camps are immature professionals. People who, like you, have jobs and who are stressed and on a phone all a day and looking for a good place to go and unwind.”

What sets Camp No Counselors detached from other adult summer camps?

Again, it’s really simple: It’s a weekend with positively no rules.

“No rules. The usually dual things we inspire people are to put down their phones and to not start conversations with ‘So what do we do?’” Tichauer said. “We don’t wish people meditative about work. Other than that, it’s giveaway reign. You’re an adult, we can make your possess choices, so go have fun. Camp No Counselors is a judgement-free zone. If we wish to do arts-and-crafts, do that. If we wish to go kayaking, do that. If we wish to usually lay around and watch a clouds hurl by, do that.”

adult summer stay stay no counselors
Camp No Counselors believes that, when people detach from work and concentration on carrying pristine fun, loyal friendships are made. Photo: Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

Anything else we should know?

Expect to leave with new friends.

“It’s kind of tough to bond in large cities to make friends. Here, there’s not many dungeon use and we inspire people to undo from work,” Tichauer told GrindTV. “It’s funny, once we frame divided a disguise of work and status, and usually concentration on carrying fun, we form genuine friendships. We see some-more people returning each event and articulate about how they done lifelong friends doing something as elementary as personification soccer.”

For some-more on Camp No Counselors, including locations and weekend availability, conduct over to a company’s website

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