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March 30, 2018 - summer camp

For example, during 20A, a answer to “Light deli offering” is LEAN CORNED BEEF. Inside that entry, we have a word ACORN (not indispensably a bulb that is typically consumed by humans, yet whatever), yet it is separate by a notation N.

What could that mean, we wondered? Are we bursting nuts? Is there such a thing as a damaged nut? No, what we are looking during is a whole nut, including a shell. The heart is a notation that is circled. And if we demeanour during all 3 of those kernels, they spell out N-U-T.

Tricky Clues

If you’re looking for easy fill-in-the-blank clues to get we started, we competence have difficulty today. There are a few of them, yet their answers do not immediately burst to mind. we found my foothold randomly, with SPF, BAGEL and RCA.

5A: You need to be pointy to get “The answer to this thought is located on one.” The answer is EDGE, yet we didn’t theory this until we had ED _ _ in a grid.

16A: Nice misdirection here. we still have nightmares about unwell during lanyard-making in summer camp, yet that’s not a kind of qualification we’re looking for today. We’re looking for a qualification that floats on a water, like that CANOE we paddled during camp.

24A: “Dash letters” is not referring to a Morse Code dash, yet to a dashboard, and a answer is MPH for miles per hour.

30A: we had difficulty with this one, generally since we am woefully untaught when it comes to my starchy tubers. The word “powdered” in “Powdered part in honeyed teas and smoothies” confused me, since we wasn’t awaiting TARO as an answer. we suspicion that TARO base was used to make a “bubbles” or pearls in bubble tea, yet that’s tapioca, that is done from yucca. The powdered TARO base is used to thicken and give tone to honeyed teas and smoothies. You can make your possess during home.


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31A: we did not see this one coming. we know adequate to design a appendix when we see a thought like “End to terrorism?” yet today’s answer was a second word of a name of an tangible militant group, AL QAEDA.

37A: we am still of a propagandize that believes that plaits are not a same as twists when it comes to hairstyles.

2D: Conquering a NEMEAN lion was one of Hercules’ Labors. You can learn some-more about this mythical beast in a “What a Heck Is That?” series, that includes ways we competence see a entrance clued.

12D: The notation we see that doubt symbol in a thought like “Driving instructor?,” we should be meditative about other kinds of pushing we know of besides automotive, since there is really wordplay function here. Golfers also expostulate their shots, so an instructor in that diversion would be a GOLF PRO.

45D: Once again, watch those doubt marks. “Like good spellers?” could impute to spelling words, yet not with that wordplay indicator. What other kinds of spells do we know? How about a kind that WICCANs competence cast?

Constructor Notes

Claire Muscat: The initial iteration of this nonplus was indeed for a Midi container that David (who we am propitious adequate to have as my constructing coach and friend) and we assembled this summer. For a themed Midis, we kept a themes flattering simple, so we motionless to try a NUTTY-themed nonplus for fun. we was a flattering immature constructor during a time, so we incidentally separate a grid in half in my try to keep a fill clean, not realizing it would be an issue. David got a good flog out of both a stupid thesis and feeble laid out grid, and so a NUTTY nonplus became a using fun between a dual of us.

When he sent me an thought for an updated, some-more worldly chronicle of my initial idea, we couldn’t assistance yet giggle about how a barbarous NUTTY nonplus had come behind to haunt me. However, we couldn’t spin a event down. we desired David’s inventive thought to have a word NUT enclosed in a “shell” of a themers, and we spent a good volume of Skype hours operative on a grid together to strech a final product. The finish outcome is something we consider we’re both utterly happy with, generally some of a fun fill (PIZZA FACE, GIANT SQUID) that we were means to fist in.

Most of all, I’m anxious to be creation my New York Times imitation debut, and am happy to finally be redeemed from my initial attempt. Also, if we haven’t already, greatfully check out Queer Qrosswords, a nonplus container we am so unapproachable to contend we contributed to and whose increase go totally to LGBTQ+ charities. Happy solving!

David Steinberg: Always a pleasure to work with Claire! We “met” by a Cruciverb-l mailing list, when we beheld she answered someone’s doubt about an iffy entrance from a millennial’s perspective. Since there are so few immature womanlike constructors, we motionless to strech out and see if she wanted to collaborate. It incited out that she’d been constructing for a few months yet didn’t feel assured adequate to contention her work. Claire did send me her beginning constructions to test-solve, though, and we could already see she had talent.

Fast brazen a year. Claire’s crosswords have seemed in The Los Angeles Times, a A.V. Club, The Orange County Register, The New York Times app, Queer Qrosswords (an LGBTQ crossword container we rarely recommend), and now The New York Times itself. She also has several themelesses in a reserve for a new daily 15×15 Puzzle Society Crossword we edit, that appears in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The San Francisco Examiner, and other papers. The creativity and complicated vibe that Claire brings to a village is really exciting, and we demeanour brazen to examination her continue to blossom!

One some-more discerning block for Erik Agard’s and Will Nediger’s Puzzle Collaboration Society group on Facebook. If you’re a new constructor, there are many smashing gifted constructors who are fervent to bond with we and give we tips! Don’t be a stranger.

The Tipping Point

Almost finished elucidate yet only need a bit some-more help? We’ve got we covered.

Warning: There be spoilers ahead, yet now we can take a look during a answer key. While a answers are giveaway to everyone, a Crossword puzzles require a subscription.

Your thoughts?

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