Some campers and counselors don’t like changes to MDA summer camp

February 13, 2018 - summer camp

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For years, kids from Alabama who humour from neuromuscular diseases, have left to summer stay in Jacksons’ Gap. But some campers and counselors are dissapoint with changes that a Muscular Dystrophy Association is creation to their week.

MDA summer stay gives kids vital with neuromuscular diseases a week of fun and freedom. They get to spend time with other kids who are only like them. Chloe Smith, was looking brazen to another year of summer fun. “This year would have been my eighth year and final year,” she said.

But a 17-year-old and others were told there won’t be a dedicated MDA Camp week this year. “That’s what everyone’s many dissapoint about,” she said. Instead, they can select to attend one of dual weeks during Camp ASCCA where it’s been for years or they can go to a summer module in one of 29 states, including Tennessee and Georgia.

Chloe said, “I’m aroused that eventually, they’re only going to get absolved of all camps nationwide.” But a MDA orator in Atlanta tells me summer stay isn’t going way. They’re only giving families some-more choices and regulating staff and support crew during a camps.

Chloe Smith is some-more endangered about other kids than herself. “I am,” she said. “That unequivocally bugs me a lot.” And while a preference might not be what Chloe and everybody wants, she knows in life, change is inevitable. “It’s unequivocally disappointing,” she says. “I mean, I’m not unequivocally fine with it yet I`m not going to stay dissapoint over it.”

Chloe says she’s fine with blank this year even yet she was looking brazen to graduating from camp. But it would also be a unhappy time. While it’s bittersweet, Chloe says she won’t have to understanding with those emotions now.

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