Slowik: Township squeezing girl agency’s hopes for a smashing life

October 17, 2017 - summer camp

Another tense, ungainly sell unfolded Monday night between Bremen Youth Services Executive Director Don Sebek and Bremen Township Supervisor Maggie Crotty.

Sebek confronted a municipality residence to ask what construction of a new garage means for a destiny of his agency’s summer camp. The structure is designed for open land where for decades, immature campers have played for a few weeks each summer.

“If we ask your word association about carrying kids in that parking lot, they would scowl on that,” Crotty told Sebek. “That’s a risk we take, carrying a kids in a parking lot with a seniors opening in for their lunch program.”

Back in June, a municipality residence motionless to concede a seven-week stay founded in 1977 to sojourn on a drift notwithstanding reserve concerns lifted by Crotty a tiny 11 days before a stay was set to start portion about 70 children, trimming in ages 5 to 14.