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September 8, 2017 - summer camp

A second primogenitor has filed a military news alleging “inappropriate conduct” between students during a summer camp.

The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department and Fairview Heights military have been questioning given a sheriff’s dialect took a news Aug. 29 from a mom who pronounced there had been “inappropriate conduct” between her child and another youthful during a Whiteside School District 115 summer camp.

District 115 Superintendent Peggy Burke formerly pronounced a Summer of Academics and Recreation camp, also famous as SOAR, is for children going into initial by fifth grades.

A second mom done a news about a same stay on Sept. 6, according to a news recover from Capt. Bruce Fleshren of a St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department. She told military that she knew of dual other juveniles who were presumably involved, and military are in a routine of locating them, a recover states.

“There will be no reports expelled as this is an active review and no names will be expelled to strengthen all juveniles involved,” Fleshern stated.

The initial tyro was scheduled to be interviewed Friday by a “forensic interviewer specifically lerned in interviewing juveniles and victims of purported passionate assaults,” according to a release.

Fleshren pronounced a youthful think in a box would also eventually be interviewed.

The propagandize district takes severely all allegations involving students.

Peggy Burke, Whiteside District 115 superintendent

About 50 students attended a stay this summer, according to Burke. She pronounced about 9 to 10 staff members oversaw them on any given day. The law coercion agencies contend there is no denote that any adults or staff were concerned in a purported control over a summer.

The district became wakeful of an purported occurrence on Aug. 15, and SOAR staff spoke to a relatives of students concerned “immediately,” according to Burke. She pronounced another primogenitor came to a district with allegations about a stay on Aug. 28, a same week military got involved.

The superintendent sent a minute to all district relatives on Tuesday.

“I wish to take this event to surprise a district relatives and stakeholders of an purported student-on-student occurrence that occurred over this past summer during a march of a district’s SOAR program,” Burke wrote. “Out of regard for a students’ privacy, we can't yield any sum of this incident, other than endorse that no staff members were indicted of any misconduct. This is particularly a tyro matter.”

Burke told relatives that District 115 reported a allegations to a Department of Children and Family Services and that a district administration was auxiliary with a investigation.

“The propagandize district takes severely all allegations involving students,” Burke wrote. “Providing a protected and secure training sourroundings for your children stays a series one priority, and we will do all we can to safeguard your children’s reserve while in a care.”

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