Refugee kids suffer a square of American childhood during a summer stay only for them

August 13, 2017 - summer camp

KENT – A summer stay only for interloper kids done summer a week of summer a small brighter for about 30 children in Kent.

The International Rescue Committee of Seattle put on a summer stay for interloper kids in Kent.

A week long, giveaway summer stay where kids can only be kids and forget about a tough times they’ve lives.

The stay counselors are also teenage volunteers who contend a knowledge altered a approach they consider of refugees.

A grassy margin on a prohibited summer day, personification red light immature light though a caring in a universe is classical American childhood.

But for these interloper children their trail to this play probity is anything though a classical childhood journey.

“India, afterwards come Hong Kong, afterwards come America, Seattle,” pronounced Elham, a interloper child from Afghanistan.

He and his siblings from Afghanistan are among a some-more than 30 children during this summer stay from places like a Middle East and East Africa.

These families have all been resettles by a International Rescue Committee of Seattle, a tellurian non-profit responding to a world’s misfortune charitable crisis.

The IRC partnered with Mitzvah Corps, another non-profit providing amicable probity transport programs for teens, like Blake Mandell, who says he was sleepy of conference disastrous speak about refugees and motionless to take movement volunteering as a stay advisor here.

“A lot of times we dehumanize refugees and try to make them feel like they’re obtuse and that’s unequivocally not a case, and this unequivocally done me comprehend that,” pronounced Mandell.

Playing with kids during this summer stay is a approach to compensate it brazen for Mira Zelle whose family came to United States from Greece. Zelle says being here is approach she can compensate it brazen and give behind to her community.

“My grandma was a refugee, she came over after World War II,” pronounced Zelle.

A personal reason for Zelle to spend time here, a viewpoint doctrine for others like Mandell who says he got some-more viewpoint on misconceptions about refugees.

“It’s unequivocally frustrating, and it’s even some-more frustrating now after I’ve worked with a kids that they’re only kids who wanna have fun and they’re normal tellurian people,” pronounced Mandell.

“I only wish they can demeanour behind 5 years down a highway only remember that they had a unequivocally good week and that something good happened to them,” pronounced Zelle.


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