Nostalgic photos of summer stay from days left by

July 11, 2017 - summer camp

ANN ARBOR, MI – Fun in a sun, trips to a pool and staying adult late have us feeling sentimental for those prolonged summer days as kids giveaway from school.  

We dug through a Ann Arbor District Library’s Old News archives for a outing down memory lane.

We came opposite a collection of archival Ann Arbor News photos, dating behind to a 1930s, of kids being kids and enjoying a sermon of thoroughfare for many: summer camp. 

Some of a photos are from the Shady Trails camp. According to a Shady Trails website, the stay was founded in 1932 by John Clancy and a University of Michigan took over a stay in 1949. It sealed in 1995.

Check out these black and white photos of summer stay days left by. 

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