Luciano: Did gorilla shun during Summer Camp arrest?

June 3, 2017 - summer camp

CHILLICOTHE — Is a gorilla on a lax after an detain during Summer Camp?

Let me clarify. The detain was not of a monkey, who apparently did zero wrong, yet of 4 group indicted of offered nitrous oxide out of a camper. As military cuffed a quartet, onlookers asked about a gratification of a gorilla owned by one of a men. Brad Pierson, Summer Camp’s executive of puncture management, pronounced military speckled a enclosure inside a camper.

“The enclosure was there,” Pierson says. “The gorilla was not.”

Like many things that start during a annual song festival, sum are misty over a gorilla business. By one account, a crony of a group snatched adult a monkey. But it’s also probable a gorilla is out there somewhere, maybe creation a best of things in Chillicothe.

About 7 p.m. Sunday, Peoria County sheriff’s deputies operative a Three Sisters Park eventuality got word that nitrous oxide was being sole out of a camper, says Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Joe Needham. After watching a camper and articulate with several men, deputies found mixed nitrous tanks inside a camper, Needham says.

Four group were arrested and requisitioned on transgression counts. Andrew Whitehall, 33, of Davenport, Iowa, Seth Markantony, 33, of Marquette, Mich., and Christopher Rogers, 45, of Lisle, were requisitioned on charges of possession of nitrous oxide and possession of nitrous oxide with vigilant to deliver. Rogers also was requisitioned on a count of wrong possession of a tranquil substance, as was Augustin Barboza, 33, of Chicago.

None of a deputies beheld a monkey, Needham says.

However, Pierson, whose confidence employees assisted deputies during a camper, says circuitously Summer Camp attendees inquired as to what military would do about “the monkey.” Pierson says military looked inside a camper and speckled a cage, same to a unstable medium-size dog kennel. But it was empty.

A bit later, an witness told confidence workers that one of a arrested group had asked one of his unarrested associates, “Can we take caring of my monkey?” By that scenario, Pierson says, a gorilla was apparently taken caring of, yet it’s misleading because a enclosure would’ve been left behind. After all, if you’re doing a machiavellian monkey, it’s good to have a reliable cage.

However, Pierson says a gorilla might’ve slipped divided somehow. “It’s possible,” he says.

Hmmm. Do a lot of monkeys attend Summer Camp? Or are many watchful for a lineup to including The Monkees? Good questions. Important questions. But Jay Goldberg, a event’s promoter, didn’t call me back, so we don’t have a total on gorilla assemblage and/or ape arrests.

Have there been any gorilla sightings in Chillicothe? Neither Police Chief Scott Mettille nor Mayor Don White has listened any such reports. Still, only to make sure, we called a mayor’s bureau to ask about any unfortunate calls per vagabond monkeys.

“I haven’t listened anything about a monkey,” pronounced a good lady who answered a phone, “but we have listened calls about coyotes.”

Horrors! we wish a coyotes don’t get a reason of a monkey. That would hurt a finale of my arriving children’s book, “Curious George Goes to Summer Camp.”

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