Life After Summer Camp with Board Over Brains

September 26, 2017 - summer camp

Board Over Brains deteriorate 2, part 10, shows us a fruits of life on Mt. Hood once summer stay is over. Wide open sleet fields, chunder mounds, a comparatively dull park, and too most fun.

Featuring Andy Glader, Tanner Seymour, Boody, Josh Smiles, Jordan Smiles, Keala, Kai Polendey, Matt Robinson, Colton Carroll, Connor Carroll, Ian Sullivan, Corey Caswell, Andrey Trofimovl, Riley Tardiff, Chris Moore, Leif Draznin-French, Jordan Phinney, Casey Mitchell, Griffin Frigaard, and Nora Beck.

Filmed by Cameron Weeg and Leif Draznin-French.
Edited by Cameron Weeg.

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