Is Camp Motega Real? ‘Slasher 2: Guilty Party’ Turns An Innocent Summer Retreat Into A Real Nightmare

October 20, 2017 - summer camp

Season 2 of Netflix’s anthology fear array Slasher, entitled Guilty Party, takes place during Camp Motega, where some truly terrifying shenanigans go down. The array focuses on former stay counselors stealing a terrible tip about what happened there 5 years prior. They lapse to a stay as a group, though it’s transparent that Camp Motega has undergone some changes. It’s now home to a kibbutz with small communication with a outward world, adding an wholly new climb factor. It’s a singular conditions to be sure, though is a stay from Slasher a genuine place?

It’s not, that is substantially for a best — a creepy summer camp-turned-remote kibbutz is really not any place I’d wish to event upon. But this deteriorate of a array does continue a trend of frightful summer camps, one that dates all a approach behind to a 1980 OG slasher classic, Friday The 13th. Camp Crystal Lake was a ideal relaxed backdrop for a offensive events that transpired in that film and a sequels. Many other likewise set films and shows have taken a page out of a book, not usually by featuring summer camps, though also a things that make adult a camp’s atmosphere — lakes, cabins, low woods and streams.


They’re clearly safe, relaxed and friendly locations, and a contrariety between a plcae and a apprehension that ensues is a classical fear film trope. The 1978 cult classical Piranha shocked viewers with infamous fish perplexing to eat a summer camp’s swimmers. The 1983 fear crack Sleepaway Camp took audiences to a summer stay where lodgers mysteriously started dropping dead. Cabin Fever lives adult to a name and facilities copiousness of lounging by a lake in between cringe-worthy scares and a quite revolting leg-shaving scene. Even a classical Blair Witch Project has a same feel as summer stay movies. There’s also a unconstrained tide of campy (no joke intended) low bill B-horror films that implement a same environment — it’s easy and it’s familiar, though also puts audiences automatically on edge. 2012’s The Cabin In The Woods used a accurate same tropes to a advantage in a rather tongue-in-cheek way, while also producing legit scares.

Perhaps partial of since these settings are so frightful to many of us is since we can directly describe to them. Chances are, you’ve been to a summer camp, or during slightest left camping in a tent or during a lodge. You’ve walked along a tide or sunbathed by a lake, and for most, those are pleasing memories to demeanour behind on. When films and TV shows like this take those pleasing settings and plant a seed of doubt — creation we consider that maybe you’re not so protected here, after all — it stirs something in a brains.


There’s a clarity of isolation, as someone points out in a really initial part of Slasher: Guilty Party — if something goes wrong, there’s not any dungeon phone service, a circuitously military force, or neighbors to come to your aid. And a expel of Slasher certainly felt some of that as they filmed in a passed of a Canadian winter. “We all work really tough and we all went by frigid temperatures like The Revenant,star Lovell Adams-Gray told

Whatever a reason we all find fear cinema and TV shows set during stay so spooky, Slasher is expected to take full advantage of it, and with a truly singular twist. A fear stay incited commune? That’s something fear fans have never seen before, and it’s opening adult a whole universe of possibilities for a show. The new take on a truly iconic fear and slasher environment is certain to make this deteriorate an engaging one to watch.

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