Inside A Summer Camp Where Kids Figure Out How To Be "Muslim In America"

August 24, 2017 - summer camp

Next he asked them to suppose things that done them sad, things they wouldn’t wish anyone to experience. The answers started with unchanging child nightmares, such as removing braces or carrying surgery, though fast incited to a fears inside Muslim households these days. Two kids named discrimination; another answered “being in Syria.” Still another said, “An trusting chairman going to jail.”

Some replies invoked a president, starting with a child who pronounced he many disturbed about Trump entrance to California.

“Donald Trump is gonna kill us all!” another child yelled from his cruise table. The kids laughed and starting derisive a president’s name. “Donald Dump!”

Several feet away, a junior-high campers stood in a round as their teacher, Subheen Razzaqui, asked about their practice with anti-Muslim bullying. One child common that kids during his propagandize provoke him about being a terrorist: “People, say, like, ‘He’s got a explosve in his backpack, run!’ Or, ‘He has a explosve on his watch, run!’”

“How many of we understanding with jokes of that sort?” Razzaqui asked. Hands shot up.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. OK, so twelve out of seventeen,” she counted. “How many of we have had that impulse where we comprehend a joke’s left too distant and it’s uncomfortable?” The hands went adult again.

Several campers talked about times when questions about their Muslim credentials led to bullying, with kids sneering, “Are we going to explosve us?” One lady pronounced even Mexican classmates, themselves targets of a White House’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, assimilated in a Muslim bashing during her school.

“One pronounced I’m a partial of ISIS, so we said, ‘How would we like to be on a other side of Trump’s wall?’” a lady told a circle.

“And did that work as a strategy?” Razzaqui asked, a slight reprehension in her voice.

“No,” a lady admitted.

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