IN PICTURES: ALT 98.7’s Summer Camp Brings Indie, Folk Together during Long Beach Shoreline

August 22, 2017 - summer camp

Photos by Sandy Rivera and John Cabanatan.

Camp was in eventuality over a weekend as ALT 98.7 Summer Camp presented some of a best choice artists to beauty a shores of Long Beach.

“Counselors” guided flocks of joyous campers (music goers) into a drift of Harry Bridges Park to attend a low-pitched showcase that saw Youngr, Magic Giant, Vance Joy, Lord Huron, Sir Sly, Bleachers and Foster a People set a tinge for a noted dusk event.

Like a dancing stay fire, American indie folk rope Magic Giant’s earthish vibes and pulsating appetite influenced a crowd, call frontman Austin Bisnow to run off theatre to sing and dance to their hit, “Let It Burn” within a sea of campers.

Singer-songwriter Vance Joy warmed a hearts of listeners with his entrancing voice. His opening brought ideal strangers together singing in unanimity via a campground with songs like “Riptide”, “Lay It on Me”, “Fire and a Flood” and “Georgia”.

Yet it was Sir Sly’s unusual tones and tender lyrics that had campers trancing in and out on a “High”. There was no stealing a dim emotions displayed behind Landon Jacob’s, Hayden Coplen’s and Jason Suwito’s colorful outfits.

Bleachers’ frontman Jack Antonoff and his rope combined fuel to a fire, had a whole throng on their feet and clambering adult onto any others’ shoulders to watch as he blazed by his 90s desirous pop-alternative manuscript Gone Now. Songs like “Don’t Take The Money” and “I Wanna Get Better” felt some-more like summer anthems than only a familiar song.

ALT 98.7 Summer Camp was a homecoming uncover for San Fernando’s possess HAIM. As a object set, a 3 sisters perceived a resounding acclaim as they took a stage. Lead sister Danielle Haim rewarded us with a “A Little of Your Love” from their second album, Something To Tell You, before vouchsafing Alana and Este contest over that one would chaperon a fan to prom. The contingent finished their set with an epic triple drum solo.

Fans were also treated to a special opening from Seattle indie-folk rope The Head and a Heart. Coming behind from a two-year hiatus, they showed no decay and delivered absolute ballads from their albums Signs of Light and Let’s Be Still.

Foster The People resolved a eventuality with a opening like no other. The lights on theatre could be seen distant opposite a Long Beach shoreline like a blazing stay glow that matched their 60’s psychedelia-inspired third manuscript Sacred Heart Club. And they did not disappoint.

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