Hawaiian summer camps change pleasant island estate by Walker Warner Architects

November 24, 2017 - summer camp

This formidable during a feet of a volcano in Hawaii was modelled on a summer camp, where Walker Warner Architects has widespread out vital spaces opposite a array of cabins on a site.

The Kahua Kuili home is sited on a former plantation on Hawaii’s Big Island and faces expanded views of a Pacific Ocean and Kua Bay, as good as towering views of Hualalai. Walker Warner Architects, formed in San Francisco, sought to anxiety internal building styles in a design.

“The chateau is a complicated interpretation of a classical Hawaii summer camp,” pronounced a firm. “Kahua Kuili incorporates countless undying elements that sojourn applicable to century-old pattern and design, and will be applicable for centuries to come.”

The skill is accessed around a tiny overpass that leads to a executive lawn. Eight particular pavilions are organized around this outside space, providing a accumulation of entertainment areas for a residents and their guests.

A vast executive building acts as a categorical amicable space, and contains a kitchen, vital and dining rooms. Expansive barn-style doors on a easterly and west facades concede a structure to be cross-ventilated and open to views of a sea.

“It’s high ceiling, vast windows and grand shifting doors that open to a backyard are cohesive with a open and ethereal thesis of a house,” pronounced a architects.

The master apartment sits only north of a executive cabana, and includes a isolated outside space for a owners.

Across a lawn, a southern apportionment of a site contains dual guest houses. Each of these has dual bedrooms – any with a walk-in closet and particular bathroom, providing guest with copiousness of privacy.

“In conform with normal Hawaiian architecture, Kahua Kuili is done adult of mixed community hang out spots that concede for communication among residents,” Walker Warner Architects said.

The southwestern corner of a site accommodates a array of community spaces, including a tiki bar, a swimming pool, and a dining area where a residents can horde luau – a form of Hawaiian jubilee that includes outside cooking, music, and dancing.

Local materials were selected for a pattern since of their cultured and longevity. “The buildings strengthen a camp-like cultured by utilising simple, durable materials such as board-formed concrete, western red cedar, oversized shifting doors, operable timber movement louvers, and wire lashing,” pronounced a firm, that finished a plan in 2014.

Hawaii’s satisfactory continue creates a US state ideal for outside living. Another home on a island chain, by internal architects De Reus, was designed as a tiny village related by gardens and extraneous walkways. On a smaller scale, Oregon-based engineer Erin Moore finished a pair of units that support a three-hundred year-old lava formation.

Photography is by Matthew Millman Photography.

Project credits:
Walker Warner Architects: Greg Warner, principal; Clark Sather, comparison associate
Interior designer: Philpotts Interiors
Landscape: David Y Tamura Associates
Builder: Maryl Construction

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