‘Happy Campers’: Metcalfe County students learn, have fun during summer camp

July 22, 2017 - summer camp

EDMONTON – On Jun 19, Metcalfe County Elementary School began a five-week summer stay for students who had usually finished grades K-4.

This was a initial year a propagandize offering such a program.

“This year they motionless that they unequivocally wanted to try to have something go on during a summer for a kids,” pronounced Jessica Nunn, executive of a camp.

Since it was a new program, Nunn pronounced she had to emanate a curriculum from scratch, with a instruction of a stay being “fun, nonetheless educational.”

Nunn pronounced she sat down and grown a plan.

“We try to incorporate agriculture,” she said. “We indeed taught a kids how to plant their possess corn. The usually problem is we planted it and afterwards we were left a week, and during that week, we had sleet and it finished adult messing it up.”

Nunn pronounced they incited that fumble into a training experience.

“We talked about tillage and how a rancher is during a hands of a weather,” she said. “So we kind of incorporated that.”


Students during a Metcalfe County Elementary School summer stay learn how to plant corn.

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Campers have participated in many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities as well, Nunn said, adding that they follow a set report any day.

She pronounced when it’s time for humanities and humanities, a students get to select between art, play and music.

Rising fifth-grader Cassie Whitney pronounced she chose to attend in a art class.

“I usually like to draw,” she said.


Students attend in a STEM activity during a Metcalfe County Elementary School summer camp.

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Jacob Fancher, a rising fourth-grader, chose art as well.

“I like to tone and make crafts,” he said, adding that he enjoys doing that during home, too.

Fancher recreated a stay shirts that contend “Happy Campers” on a piece of paper. He also finished a Pokeball – from a diversion “Pokemon” – out of paper plates. He drew a Pokemon quadruped trapped inside a ball.

Nunn pronounced they do opposite projects, play sports and, on many days, they have inflatables that a campers can burst on. She combined that they have also played games to learn all of a low-pitched notes.

Fancher pronounced he has unequivocally enjoyed a inflatables and all of a sports, generally kickball, basketball and wiffle ball.

Whitney pronounced her favorite partial about a stay has been assembly new people.

Campers have also finished cards for a nursing home, Nunn said.

“We indeed have a food, fondle and wardrobe expostulate going on right now that a kids are bringing things to,” she said. “We’re perplexing to uncover them what it means to indeed assistance others, along with carrying fun.”

Nunn pronounced breakfast, lunch and snacks are supposing for a kids any day, and that they have taken margin trips to a cinema and Beaver Creek Park in Glasgow.

“We have some students that might not get that possibility to go out,” she said. “And we’ve indeed taught them a small bit about a opposite counties around their possess county. We’ve taught about a story of America and all of these opposite things.

“I consider it’s unequivocally critical that they see other places. Some of them might not get that chance.”

The Family Resource and Youth Service Centers (FRYSC) donated prizes to a camp, that they have been giving out to students any week. Nunn pronounced subsequent Friday they will be giving out dual grand prizes – a girls’ bike and a boys’ bike.

Nunn pronounced a campers schooled about a loyal definition of Independence Day and how it’s not usually Jul 4.

“The kids got to go out and pull what they suspicion was a loyal depiction of what Independence Day was to them,” she said. “The initial thing that came to their minds. It was flattering awesome, because, for some of a kids, it unequivocally got their minds relocating and they were seeking a whole lot of questions.

“They did unequivocally good with that.”


Students during a Metcalfe County Elementary School summer stay pull what Independence Day means to them.

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Nunn pronounced they devise on stability a summer stay subsequent year, and that they will demeanour during what worked good and what could be improved.

“I consider it provides them with fun,” she said. “It provides them with training structure, to keep them training via a summer and not forget things they schooled via a year. They all seem to unequivocally suffer what we’ve done.

“I consider it’s unequivocally awesome. It has been a lot of fun.

“It’s been a lot of fun examination them have fun.”


Students during a Metcalfe County Elementary School summer stay poise behind a stand of corn they planted.

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