Go Back To Summer Camp With SZA’s ‘Broken Clocks’ Video

March 31, 2018 - summer camp

SZA invites fans into a universe of Camp CTRL in her new video for “Broken Clocks.” The visual, destined by a thespian and TDE’s Dave Free of a small homies, harps on a blithe shun of summer sleep-away stay where kids can ramble around a woods, float in a lake, do humanities and crafts and hide in make out sessions during any dilemma of their cabins.

The video opens like many classical summer movies; with a really long, really shrill wake-up call from a camper that takes their pursuit approach too seriously. Drawing impulse from The Parent Trap, Moonrise Kingdom, and Wet Hot American Summer, Camp CTRL has it all — bunkmates pranking any other, a cafeteria food fight, marshmallows roasting by a campfire and more. SZA stands by like an unmotivated counselor, singing about time interlude and indulging in moments that she knows will shortly end.

The eloquent liminality of stay is what creates it so precious. It’s a smell of feverishness and dirt on we after a prolonged day, a purple slope of a sky over a lake and trees. The memory-in-the-moment comfort gives a proxy space for a video’s immature people, and generally a immature girls of color, to develop in a universe where usually they exist.

It would be adequate for a video to blur out during a stage of SZA holding a big, childlike burst into a lake, though instead, she lands knocked-out in a frame bar lavatory with another lady frantically perplexing to arise her and wiping blood from a singer’s nose. As a credits roll, SZA and her dual friends lay on a quell outward a club. It’s a still moment, though a brief lapse to that private girlhood bond that Camp CTRL cradles.

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