Girls-only summer stay promotes STEM and manufacturing

June 16, 2017 - summer camp


Using summer vacation to mangle down stereotypes —- it’s function right here in Northeast Ohio.

A singular week-long camp, that is lenient small girls to dream big, is usually jacket up.

“Girls can do anything boys can do,” pronounced sixth grader Charlotte Riffle.

Riffle, 11, is on a goal to change a face of a margin dominated by men.

“I consider we need to get some-more girls into manufacturing,” she said. 

Statistics uncover females in a contention are few and distant between.

“Most shops will see about 10-25 percent, if they’re lucky, of women on a emporium floor,” Alice Cable of Alliance for Working Together Foundation told News 5.

To spin a tide, Riffle, along with scarcely a dozen other students are attending a girls-only summer stay in Concord Township.

“Girls know how to compensate attention, do what they’re ostensible to do, and boys, they’re everywhere,” pronounced Lazia Calhoun, fifth grader.

It gives immature learners a possibility to put STEM — science, technology, engineering and math preparation — into action.

“I schooled production is some-more than usually putting something together,” pronounced Riffle.

Those using a stay tell News 5 girls mostly wish to pronounce adult in scholarship and math classes — though many times sojourn silent.

“Having a stay that’s directly directed toward girls will assistance with a bravery and certainty that they need to succeed,” pronounced Cable.

The wish is that success in scholarship will eventually lead some of these girls into manufacturing.

“We consider a active support competence assistance a lot,” pronounced Cable.

It is already creation a difference.

“I’m going to tell my sisters and brothers we could do anything we wish in life and that building things is really fun,” pronounced Calhoun.

Charlotte Riffle explained because a time for change is now.

“Girls can overtly consider a small improved than boys in these things. They have some-more ideas and given a boys have been doing this and a girls are usually removing new to this.”

News 5 has schooled there are several camps in Northeast Ohio that concentration on STEM, though this stay during a Auburn Career Center is a usually one of the kind that is specific to manufacturing.

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