EXCLUSIVE: Former JCC Camp Official Accused Of ‘Sexual Misconduct’ With Camper

October 11, 2018 - summer camp

Updated 5:15 p.m.

A Jewish village core in southern California is evaluating an explain that a tip central during a summer stay it ran had passionate encounters with an underage womanlike camper for several years some-more than 35 years ago, a Forward has learned.

The Alpert JCC in Long Beach is questioning a claims involving an central during a JCC’s Camp Komaroff during a 1970’s or ’80s.

JCC executive executive Jeffrey Rips has created an email to a community, an early duplicate of that was performed by a Forward, disclosing a existence of a explain and explaining a stairs it is holding to examine a explain and guarantee employees and children.

“Many of we know that we grew adult in a Long Beach Jewish village and that we was a camper and a advisor during this camp,” Rips wrote. “For me personally, this news has been devastating. My heart goes out to a plant and to those who were partial of a loving stay community.”

The Forward has schooled that a high-ranking former Camp Komaroff central was indicted on amicable media by a former camper of enchanting in what she believed during a time to have been a passionate attribute for several summers starting when she was a teen teenager. The age of agree in California is and was 18.

The indicted former official, who is now retired, has not been criminally charged. A ask for criticism left on his voicemail was not returned.

Camp alumni have been left to reckon with a probability that their halcyon summer home was a site of passionate misconduct, and that others during a time might have been wakeful and did nothing.

“There has been some contention from some of a unequivocally critical people from a stay about meaningful during a time that there were relations, and quite passionate relations, between [camp leadership] and some staff members, though not meaningful afterwards in a approach that we do now that [the relationships] were inherently problematic,” former camper David Feder told a Forward.

Rips’s minute does not fact a purported incident, though states that a JCC has contacted internal authorities about a explain and has “made certain that a chairman who was concerned in a bungle is no longer dependent in any approach and will have no destiny hit with a Alpert JCC.”

The Alpert JCC operated a strange Camp Komaroff as a sleep-away stay on Lake Arrowhead until it sealed in 1983. The JCC after non-stop a stay with a same name as a day camp.

Rips also wrote that even before they schooled of this purported incident, JCC care had begun implementing additional training for staff who work with children.

Two attempts to strech Rips by phone were destined to his assistant’s voice mail.

Feder, a freelance Jewish teacher now formed in Portland, pronounced that a stay village is ordering behind a prosecution — many alumni who still live in California have motionless to accommodate adult this weekend to routine a news and support any other.

Support has also been consistent in a practical communities that alumni have built in a deficiency of a earthy stay that could have hosted reunions over a years.

“The village is positively is here for this person,” Feder said, referring to a accuser. “And that’s one of a things that is so poetic for me to witness, is that a insurance of a people in a village seems to be a priority over safeguarding a personality or safeguarding their memories of that time. No one has said, during final publicly that I’ve seen, ‘This couldn’t have happened.’ No one has said, ‘Well, whatever it was, what we got out of a stay was improved than one allegation.’”

Camp Komaroff is distant from a usually Jewish summer stay about that allegations of passionate bungle have been levied. A lady this year accused her former advisor during a New York Orthodox Jewish summer stay of molesting her.

Jewish organizations, including summer camps, have in new years taken many stairs to discharge passionate nuisance and misconduct. The Foundation for Jewish Camp launched a program called a Shmira Initiative progressing this year to yield training and resources for stay leaders about identifying, preventing and stating inapt passionate behavior. Another passionate bungle impediment program, grown by an Israel-based not-for-profit called ASAP, is specifically designed for Orthodox camps.

Though Feder pronounced a new news has severely saddened him and colored his perspective of Camp Komaroff, he is still perplexing to keep reason of a certain aspects, including a Shabbat traditions and a “nontraditional” programming — like a ridicule Jewish Federation module that he called “the misfortune thought ever, it’s a many boring, a many institutionalized, though it worked since a people during a stay unequivocally done it work.”

“I have maintained, and we have listened this concurred by other people who became widely trafficked educators, that it unequivocally was an startling camp,” he added.

Do we know anything about a Camp Komaroff allegation? Contact Aiden Pink during pink@forward.com or on Twitter, @aidenpink

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