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June 29, 2017 - summer camp

The participants of PorcFest 2015 poise for a organisation photo.

Virgil Vaduva/Flickr

Note: This part creatively ran in 2011.

Six years ago, we trafficked to a place where people are perplexing to live though supervision interference. A place where we can use pieces of china to buy uninspected bacon. A place where a 9-year-old will sell we alcohol.

We find pot and moonshine, money registers pressed with gold, a brute manicurist, and a libertarian chronicle of a Chairman of a Federal Reserve (but don’t call him that!).

It’s a Porcupine Freedom Festival, famous to a friends as PorcFest. This is a summer festival for people who consider we should lapse to a bullion customary and annul a IRS.

At a finish of a story, we lapse with an refurbish on PorcFest from 2017. We’ll tell we what has altered with a times given we were final here.

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