Club Getaway: An Adult Summer Camp With Color Wars and Booze

August 29, 2017 - summer camp

Ever given Netflix expelled Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later on Aug 4, Americans have had stay on a brain. The 8 part supplement follows all a favorite counselors (sans Bradley Cooper) one decade after our last glimpse at Camp Firewood, vagrant a question: What would camp be like if we returned as adults?

And now, interjection to Club Getaway, we finally have an answer.

Club Getaway

Campers suffer a private lake.

Since opening in 2012, Club Getaway’s 300-acre skill in a Connecticut foothills has remade on weekends into an adult paradise. (It has weekday offerings for girl and families.) Replete with archery, zip lines, tone wars and, many importantly, total booze, it’s a 3 day prolonged fiesta for East Coasters to whom summer always meant camp.

The amenities, too, are a bit nicer than we might remember from your younger days. Campers stay in atmosphere conditioned cabins with nominal linens; maids dump by daily for a discerning tidy. And a meals, while not something you’d find during Eleven Madison Park, are really a nick or dual above a cheese sandwiches from my possess memories. (And don’t even get me started on a epic dance parties that mangle out each evening.)

Club Getaway

Everyone’s favorite activity? Beer pong on a lawn.

So, who concocted this adult bliss usually dual hours outward New York City?

“My mother Gayle and we had run another kids summer stay for 10 years… and on many occasions campers’ relatives would say, ‘We would love to go to camp.’” said Dave Schreiber about his decision to buy the property 5 years ago.

Which got Schreiber thinking: Why couldn’t his counselors’ parents go behind to camp? Why should these zodiacally beguiling activities be singular to a immature audience?

Club Getaway

Not your normal disaster hall.

At Club Getaway, a base cost tab of $425 gets we fed, watered and entrance to roughly all of a activities. (Don’t skip a prohibited atmosphere balloon.) However, some of a some-more costly options—like massages and horseback riding—cost extra.

With usually 5 weekends left until a skill closes for a winter, campers can opt between normal and themed weekends. The initial weekend after Labor Day (September 8-10), dump by for an businessman knowledge with Jesse Itzler, owners of a Atlanta Hawks, Kevin Harrington, an strange ABC Shark Tank decider and Susie Carder of Motivating a Masses. Then there’s a special jubilee with John Waters (September 22-24), a artistic maniac behind films like Pink Flamingo and Hairspray. And for Club Getaway’s final weekend of a season, they’ll host a special choice for Gilmore Girls fans visiting a Kent-based festival celebrating a series.

Regardless of that weekend we choose, it’s an knowledge distinct any other. Go to or call 860-927-3664 to devise your visit.

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