Chess summer stay teaches kids to be ninjas

July 1, 2017 - summer camp

Chess Ninja summer camps learn kids how to play chess in an interactive approach with ninja training challenges. 

The camps are for children ages 3 to 10, and there’s a brew of earthy activity with training a diversion of chess. 

When a program’s owner and teacher, Thomas Lane, changed to Chattanooga from Florence, Alabama, final year, he didn’t know he’d be training kids to play chess this way.

“I didn’t come here with ninja training; we came with chess lessons,” he said. “Through assembly with people and educators, Chess Ninja was born.”

Lane has been training chess to kids for 5 years. He pronounced he’s seen how training chess can assistance kids rise a forms of soothing skills that aren’t teachable in a classroom.

According to the John Hopkins School of Education, a study found that students who perceived chess instruction scored significantly aloft on all measures of educational achievement, including math, spatial research and nonverbal logic ability. 

“I consider chess is a counterpart of a world,” he said. “It helps [kids] know that if they only keep trying, they will find a solution.”

Lane incorporates a ninja training aspect of his module in a form of interactive games such as a guaranty challenge. In this game, students are a guaranty and bound from block to square—like a chess block does—to strech a black on a other finish of a room. When they strech a queen, they have to afterwards bound back, one block during a time, with a black block offset on their heads.

He pronounced that a kids have a lot of fun, learn chess and unequivocally get behind a ninja aspect.

“The approach we report Chess Ninja  [participants is they] are focused, intent, discerning and stealthy,” Lane said. “[The kids] learn to be good chess players and learn a rules, strategy and strategies [of chess].”

Lane has dual some-more Chess Ninja summer camps scheduled for July.

The Jul 10–14 stay is for first- to fifth-grade students, and a Jul 18–20 stay is for pre-K to kindergarten students. 

The Jul 10–14 stay is during 809 Kentucky Ave. on Signal Mountain, and a Jul 18–20 stay is at 505 S. Moore Road.

He pronounced a initial day is giveaway and that relatives are acquire to stay and watch their kids learn.

To register for arriving sessions, click here.

For some-more information about Chess Ninja, click here.

Lane pronounced he is also seeking schools to partner with in a tumble division for after-school classes; click here to email him.

Eric Wise is a contributing writer. He is now attending UTC, where he is a partner news editor for a propagandize newspaper, The University Echo. He also serves as a alumni family authority for his fraternity.

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