Center launches Titanic summer camp

July 5, 2017 - summer camp

Kids in a Chevy Chase area once again are enjoying lunchtime dishes by a summer stay module orderly by a Chevy Chase Community Center, though a module comes with a reward and a turn this year.

A extensive training member formed on a excursion of a Titanic has been wrapped around a lunch mangle — from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by mid-August

And organizers have relocated a module to a Beulah Baptist Church amicable gymnasium only a few blocks north of a Chevy Chase core along North Fifth Avenue, while core leaders try new ways to work some-more effectively and efficiently.

The summer stay non-stop Jun 27 with about 30 youngsters from 4 to 13 years aged attending a initial day.

Volunteer stay leaders approach a children in a accumulation of age-appropriate activities to learn about a stately British liner and a comfortless collision with an iceberg that resulted in some-more than 1,500 deaths when a boat sank in Apr 1912.

“Instead of campers, we call them scientists and they work in investigate labs,” pronounced Lillian Clemons, of a Chevy Chase Community Center house of directors.

In one “lab,” a kids learn about differences in firmness and how icebergs boyant though sojourn mostly hidden.

At another activity station, students play a video diversion that guides passengers to a lifeboats from a falling ship.

Some activities, Clemons said, have kids demeanour during a trail of a boat and learn to tract a track with present-day GPS technology. But they’ll also learn how a boat navigators watched a stars to stay on course.

Clemons pronounced other lessons over a summer will concentration on a story of a event, a people who sailed on a Titanic and a people who ran a ship. Lessons will concentration on a decision-making questions and lift children’s bargain of reliable issues that dynamic who died and who survived a disaster.

The staff will keep plan folders for any camper to store their doctrine papers. More gifted kids will examination and plead what they learned, and have essay assignments associated to their investigate of a ship.

But there’s some-more than a famous plague on a doctrine skeleton for Chevy Chase Summer Camp, Clemons said.

“Representatives from a Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission will be here on Thursdays,” Clemons said.

On Tuesday, nourishment educators from Indiana Regional Medical Center gave an interactive doctrine on a significance of eating healthy meals. Their doctrine on how to emanate a offset diet followed a MyPlate nourishment beam published by a USDA Center for Nutrition Policy.

Clemons pronounced a dish module is during a heart of a potency move. Instead of competing opposite or overlapping with other services, a core has organised for a YMCA of Indiana County to enhance a summer feeding module to embody a Chevy Chase Summer Camp.

“We will get a food from them, and they have picked adult a other sites and offer a lunches we had been scheming for New Story and a Indiana Guidance Center,” she said. “It’s a change of services, though we’re coordinating efforts, rather than duplicating efforts.”

Clemons pronounced a summer stay staff has skeleton for other activities that would rest on village support. Some assistance is as elementary as removing some aquariums on loan for some of a Titanic lessons; additional contributions could assistance a staff and campers revisit a Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh to enhance on their Titanic-themed summer doctrine program.

Supporters can hit a core during (724) 463-0674 or write to a Chevy Chase Community Action Council during 640 N. Fifth Ave., Indiana PA 15701.

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