Camp Meraki lets seniors relive childhood memories during summer camp

May 30, 2017 - summer camp

WIMBERLEY, Texas – Over a weekend, seniors from a Central Texas area got a possibility to relive their childhood during summer camp. 

Fitness association Aging is Cool hosted Camp Meraki during John Knox Ranch, which sits on 254 acres in a Texas Hill Country, tucked between Canyon Lake and Wimberley. Fourteen organisation and women between 63 and 82 spent a improved partial of 3 days during camp, only like kids — picking a berth bed, creation tie-dye, canoeing and even perplexing their palm during archery.

With a trend of “adult summer camps” on a rise, owners Amy and Damien Temperley wanted a knowledge to be authentic to summer stay gifted as a child. Being adults, of course, there were a few combined perks — atmosphere conditioning and happy hour. 

SLIDESHOW: Aging is cool

“The word Meraki means to do something with good adore or passion,” Amy pronounced in a press release. “We trust that life should always be lived with Meraki, and this new stay is a good approach to light those fires, have some fun and let lax a little.”

Here’s a discerning diary of what Camp Meraki looked like: 


Campers arrived mid-afternoon to collect out bunks and get staid in. Most of them trafficked from a Kyle/Buda/South Austin area, where Aging is Cool does many of their business. 

Once everybody arrived, they collected for a few get-to-know-you and name games, with a brief outline of what a weekend would demeanour like and discerning snack. The organisation was given a brief debate of a campgrounds, located along a Blanco River on a Comal-Hays County line. Once they had their orientation of where things were, they finished their approach to a humanities and crafts cabin to tie-dye shirts. It’s presumably a messiest fun during summer camp, though a impulse where creativity can truly shine. 

A taco bar was set adult for dinner, with creatively homemade cookies for dessert. As is tradition, a initial night during John Knox, there was a campfire — that enclosed stay songs, skits, s’mores and wine. 

The night resolved with togetherness — clusters of review on cabin porches using into a evening, with cicadas as nature’s backdrop music. 




Skies were overcast, so a continue was gentle from a early morning into most of a day. 

An eggs-and-bacon breakfast was initial thing during 8:00 a.m., followed by archery. The organisation had a few learned archers, attack a aim scarcely any time. This was an activity where campers truly blossomed. It’s tough to do archery — it’s harder when physique tools don’t pierce a approach they did in progressing years. But with help, instruction and a shower of self-confidence, scarcely any camper that took aim and dismissed strike a target. It also helped to have their aptness instructor as a chairman heading a activity.

A discerning travel adult a rivulet led to canoeing. Campers maneuvered their approach along Carpers Creek, that runs along a southern apportionment of a ranch, and into a spring-fed swimming area Blue Hole (not Jacob’s Well Blue Hole, this is another Blue Hole). The H2O stays a consistent 72 degrees and creates for a good place to float when a feverishness is unbearable, bu there would be no swimming today. Canoes fit dual or 3 people during a time — dual to paddle and one to lay behind and suffer a view. 

Once canoeing was done, it was a soup and sandwich lunch before giveaway time. Campers were giveaway to rinse tie-dye, take a travel or maybe even a brief snooze. The day changed on to humanities and crafts, where campers finished design frames for their stay print and had a discerning snack. 

Low ropes were subsequent — team-building exercises during belligerent level, compared to those a dozen or some-more feet in a air. Low ropes focused on vicious meditative and teamwork. Campers stood on a tarp (an hypothetical raft in a center of a flood) and  were challenged to figure out how to flip it over after it “sustained repairs to a top.”

A discerning happy hour and loll time followed, afterwards dinner. After a dish of baked duck and crushed potatoes were dusk activities. Owner Damien led “useless talents,” that enclosed mind-blowing label tricks. Campers and staff also common memories and momentos during uncover and tell, understandably opposite than when a activity is finished with children. No video games or new toys — instead, momentos were from decades-old volcano eruptions in Hawaii, dogtags of relatives who fought in World War II and a permit image commemorating Texas’ centennial that finished it’s approach from a classical automobile to a personal walker, to name a few. 

Wine and snacks winded a dusk down, with copiousness some-more porch chatting as a fireflies emerged and a cicadas sang a night to an end.





Does stay have to end? 

Sunday started with a French Toast breakfast and light packing. Camp energizers were subsequent — stupid dances finished adult to nonsensical cocktail songs from via a years. These are mythological during stay and are typically sung after dishes and during campfire. It’s a good approach to assistance bake off full bellies before walking behind adult a mountain to finish a morning. 

Campers were returned their tie-dye, and competence it be noted: they were stellar. To hang adult a day on a certain note were “warm and fuzzies,” where campers sealed cards with a memory or enrich of any other. By a time one camper’s label finished it around a table, it was filled with some-more than a dozen honeyed comments. A organisation photo, appreciate you’s and final purify ups finished off a day and a weekend fuzzies, where campers sealed cards with a memory or enrich of any other.

The Future: 

The Temperleys said they are anxious with how a initial Camp Meraki went. Evaluations are in a mail, though campers, too, gave certain feedback during closing.

They wish to offer Camp Meraki once again in a tumble and to some-more people. 

If we or someone we know is meddlesome in camp, or Aging is Cool’s other services, visit their website.


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