B’nai Torah Summer stay prepares children for Kindergarten

September 29, 2017 - summer camp

Local relatives whose children attended a Camp Keshet Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten module during a Ruth and Edward Taubman Early Childhood Center during B’nai Torah Congregation in executive Boca Raton this summer are anticipating that their children have been good prepared to start Kindergarten this propagandize year.

“They cover a foundational skills during Camp Keshet over a summer so my son has been good prepared for a new propagandize year,” pronounced Sherri Anderson. “This is my third child to go by a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) module during Camp Keshet and they all have been good prepared for Kindergarten.”

The Ruth and Edward Taubman Early Childhood Center has a developmental proceed in that children’s play activities are noticed as pre-cursors to a educational activities of facile school.

“A child learns by play,” pronounced Nancy Goldstein, executive of a Taubman Early Childhood Center. “Through play, children learn to be partial of a group, to share, and to turn friends. In play, children feel a leisure to try new ideas, use skills and embrace adult roles.

“All other training is formed on this elemental ability. The sourroundings is delicately designed and fosters discovery, training and exploration.

“However, nonetheless we trust a child’s work is play, we are critical about academics, denunciation and math in a program.”

Taubman primogenitor Lisa McConnell also was anxious with how a summer VPK module during B’nai Torah helped ready her daughter for Kindergarten.

“The summer stay VPK module during B’nai Torah was a extensive event for my daughter to have a protected and fun sourroundings while reinforcing her Kindergarten readiness, essay and training skills,” McConnell said. “She desired a sports, a art, a H2O park, and a ice pops!