Antic Studios Immerses At Summer Camp Festival With Chauvet Professional

October 4, 2018 - summer camp

CHILLICOTHE, IL – (For Immediate Release) – Action in a Vibe Tent started in a early afternoon and went on nonstop to 4 AM a subsequent morning any day during a Summer Camp Music Festival. Few fans left a atmospheric area for any length of time during these EDM marathons, perplexed as they were by a song of artists like Zomby, MIJA and Dirt Monkey. Equally compelling, and only as sticky, was a eye-grabbing video and lightshow combined by Antic Studios, regulating 75 PVP S5 LED panels from CHAUVET Professional.

Arranged in a 7-row-high pyramid settlement that seemed to decorate a DJ booth, a large video wall transfixed fans with sundry displays of singular and constrained images.  These images changed from quarrel to quarrel over a face of a pyramid, lively it with a energetic appetite that reflected a suggestion of a music, while sketch courtesy to a stage.

“We configured a S5 panels with a Chauvet VIP Driver and Signal Distributor,” pronounced Antic Studio’s Max Koehler, who along with partner Ryan Warffuel designed a riveting video and lightshow. “Once we configured a wall, we used Resolume Arena 6 to equivalent any panel’s 64 pixels in sequence to grasp a seamless video display.”

Most of a calm displayed on a pyramid wall was tradition designed by Antic Studios. “We used Adobe After Effects,” pronounced Koehler. “Knowing that any quarrel of PVP S5 panels was equivalent by 64 pixels done it easy for us to let a creativity run wild.”

There seemed to be no finish to what that artistic uproar produced. Antic Studios didn’t merely repeat looks on a 75 panels that done adult their wall, they mostly done pointed settlement changes from quarrel to quarrel that lent a clarity of abyss to a pyramid. At times, for example, they had a same erratic lines on any panel, though done these lines thinner with any unbroken row, that done their pyramid seem even higher. The pointy fortitude of a 5.2mm panels helped these pointed changes uncover adult clearly to a audience, even during tighten observation distances.

The designers also blacked out sections of opposite panels, or whole  rows in a pyramid, to emanate a differing clarity of disruption. At some points, they even blacked out a whole pyramid, and used a PVP S5 panels to emanate follow sequences or arrangement intersecting lines that evoked architectural and warehouse-looking imagery. 

The DJ counter itself was positioned front and core before a pyramid. Covered with PVP S5 panels, it seemed to be partial of a wall, engrossed into it as a outcome of displaying a same settlement themes that ran by a rest of a pyramid.

Accenting a pyramid and a DJ counter was an heated lighting arrangement that had relocating fixtures positioned on a downstage core rug and flown from upstage truss. “We concurrent lighting with a wall and had a lot of uplighting and aerial effects,” pronounced Warffuel.

Included in this tie mix, that was granted by Indianapolis-based Herm Productions, were 12 Rogue R1 Beam units. “We placed 3 of a Rogues on theatre left wings and 3 on theatre right,” pronounced Warffuel. “The outlay from these fixtures gave a theatre an additional far-reaching feel. We placed a remaining Rogues behind a DJ stand, right before a video wall.”

When beams from a Rogue fixtures behind a DJ mount were shot in a air, it pulled lighting and video together even closer, according to Warffuel and Kohler. This combined a finish visible scenery that perplexed people hour… after hour… after hour, all festival long.


Photo Credit: Eonfoto 


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