Anthony Weiner’s jail a summer stay for kids

November 7, 2017 - summer camp


My how a domestic star can fall.

Anthony Weiner, a name once synonymous with hubris and anti-Republican aggression, is now behind bars, profitable a monthslong jail judgment for his passionate texting dalliances with an underage girl.

But as with a not-so-blind probity complement in place in America, a former star of a Democratic Party will get about a cushiest jail judgment around.

You consider that man over there, a one in that decayed housing community, would accept this same treatment? Or how about that dude in a blue janitor’s uniform roving that bus?

Not likely. Weiner’s special.

Officially, Weiner will be during Devens Federal Medical Center in Massachusetts for bonds and diagnosis of a sex addiction. But this is how a Daily Mail paints his new digs: [The facility] boasts tree-lined manicured lawns, dorm-like housing, sports fields and a distraction center. It also offers a series of convenience activities, including Weiner’s favorite competition — hockey — as good as a hobby qualification shop, a song use room, and cooking classes.”

That’s not a jail for passionate offenders. It’s a summer stay for a kids.

But apparently, it’s where all a bad politicians and white collar criminals go. Weiner’s jail friends embody former Massachusetts Rep. John George, Jr., who’s jailed for embezzlement, and Raj Rajaratnam, a former billionaire owner of Galleon Group who’s now portion time for insider trading. Rajaratnam and Weiner can no doubt trade domestic fight stories; both know Hillary and Bill Clinton, both hung with Sen. Chuck Schumer.

In 21 months — or maybe even less, if a justice and jail systems see fit for an early recover — Weiner will be out and about again, giveaway from his cell.

What will he do once free?

Let’s wish even a Democrats have adequate standards to keep this man from seeking domestic bureau again. We know a left likes to boyant a thought of being an instance of diversity. But come on — even a Democratic Party ought to evade sex offenders, generally sex offenders who’ve been held with small 15-year-old propagandize girls.

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