Affordable summer stay options for Hillsborough kids

March 16, 2018 - summer camp

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – We’re attack open mangle this week that means summer is right around a corner.  8 On Your Side has found some affordable summer stay options that many people don’t know about.

Summer camps are fun, educational, and certain to have your kids sleepy by a finish of a day!

When we speak to a kids during a Emanuele P. Johnson Center they adore their time with friends.

“When we have a ups and downs, if we’re not feeling good they keep us going,” says Aaliyah Warren a 5th grader who goes to a camps.

Others like a plea that comes on a court.

“I like to one adult everybody when it comes to shooting. Coach TC is a genuine plea when it comes to 3 points so we have to unequivocally try my best,” says Thomas Walker a 6th grader who also enjoys a summer camps.

Coach TC is only one of several counselors that assistance these kids stay good dull via a summer in Hillsborough County.

“You’ll see behind me they’re personification dodgeball ,so it’s orderly sports. We also have humanities and crafts, we do reading time, and we only kind of wish a kids to be out and be active,” says Dana McDonald with Hillsborough Parks and Rec.

“My mom likes it that we don’t come home until around 6 and that we get all of a appetite out so we’re prepared to go to bed,” says Thomas between laughs.

There’s a sports, break time, margin trips, and yes, humanities and crafts time.

The two-week camps are affordable too. Just $76 per child or if they have a giveaway and reduced lunch minute it could start as low as $40!

“We unequivocally wanted to offer and being a county we are means to finance some of a costs so that it is affordable for relatives since otherwise, a county kids are going to be during home, personification video games, presumably removing into trouble. So we wanted to offer an affordable place for them to come,” says McDonald

That’s not all. They have specialty camps as well. Camps for those who like to fish or spend time in a outdoor and more.

To pointer adult go to www.Hcflgov.Net/parks. Registration starts Apr 2. 

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