Adult Summer Camp: Don’t Laugh, It’s Awesome

September 28, 2017 - summer camp

The newest call of weekend getaways gives people a possibility to camp, bond, and attend in outward sports. It’s like sleepaway stay for adults.

Camelbak Pursuit Attendees San Francisco 2017
Pursuit Series: Summer Camp for Outdoorsy Adults | Image credit Josh Currie

Maybe we went to summer stay as a child, have lustful memories and dream of returning. Or perhaps, like me, you’ve never been to stay and never accepted what all a bitch is about. Either way, I’m flattering certain you’ve never been to a stay like this.

A towering biking category during a Pursuit Series Adult Summer Camp
Day 1 Mountain Biking | Image credit Josh Currie

The Camelbak Pursuit Series kicked off in 2017 with dual successful outward summer camps for adults (and even some-more designed for 2018). Each eventuality ran over a 3-day weekend, with a choice to attend for a singular day. Attendees tested out some of a newest rigging on a marketplace and schooled from attention experts in a accumulation of disciplines including stone climbing, kayaking, backpacking, initial aid, forest presence and more.

I headed to San Francisco in early Sep to knowledge stay for myself and learn more.

Camelbak Pursuit Series: The Activities

The biggest problem any day during a Camelbak Pursuit Series was selecting that classes to attend. “Yoga underneath a redwoods looks great, oh yet so does a stay mixology class. And a morning roller doctrine sounds rad, yet afterwards I’d skip a photography inlet walk.”

It’s unfit to list any activity, yet here’s a outline of some of a classes we took: ninja soldier training, route running, meditation, fly fish casting, slacklining, wildcrafting, hiking, and night time SUPing. Now take this list and greaten it by 5 for a good thought of a weekend’s activities.

On tip of all that, any dusk we enjoyed creation new friends during dinner, sipping internal brews during a open bar, roasting s’mores around a campfire and listening to live song before streamer off to tents for a friendly night underneath a stars.

Participants suffer a doctrine in stay cooking during a Camelbak Pursuit Series San Francisco
A doctrine in stay cooking | Image credit Për Jerner

Adult Adventure Camp: Who It’s For

Anyone vehement to representation a new outward hobby or labour their skills. Adventurous people looking to accommodate other outdoor-loving friends in a welcoming and low-stress environment. Or weekend warriors looking for a bit of variety.

During a weekend we also met a mother-daughter twin seeking brave memories, a tiny business staff vigilant on fastening outward of work, and countless couples anticipating to grow their outward skills together.

It’s critical to note that many of a classes are geared towards beginners (though this might change during destiny Pursuit events). And while a instructors are learned and happy to accommodate, there’s usually so many that can be finished in a organisation setting. If a thought of negligence down for a newbies to locate on drives we crazy, this might not be a stay for you. Or maybe we simply need to see it as an event to be a newbie yourself and burst into classes you’ve never experienced.

Adults training to stand during a Camelbak Pursuit Series summer camp
Day 2 Intro to Climbing | Image credit Jason Hatfield

Why “Adult Summer Camp” Is Awesome

Four critical words: Grownups perplexing new things!

The Pursuit sourroundings was geared towards learning, packaged with understanding people. Not once did we hear anyone – staff nor attendee – be anything reduction than encouraging. High fives were handed out, support shouted excitedly, regard rained down. And it wasn’t feign or uncanny since it came from a place of genuine community. We were in it together; campers joined in a goal to make a many of a weekend adventure.

Yoga underneath a redwoods | Image credit Talia Touboul
Yoga underneath a redwoods | Image credit Talia Touboul

Roasting smores during a Camelbak Pursuit in San Francisco
S’mores, friends and live song | Image credit Talia Touboul

Bottom Line

The Camelbak Pursuit Series might not be a fit for gifted outward athletes. But it does offer a many indispensable event to try new outward activities and come together with a village of active people.

The usually genuine doubt is, how do we pointer adult to be a stay advisor subsequent year?


Mallory Paige is a Storyteller and Adventurer. As a creator of a Operation Moto Dog adventure, she spent a year roving and camping her approach opposite North America on a motorcycle-sidecar with Baylor a Dog, proof we don’t need to be intrepid or ideal to live your dreams.

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