A summer stay where transgender children can feel safe

August 21, 2017 - summer camp

The thought was a elementary one: Create a summer stay where transgender kids can go to feel safe, acquire and empowered.

The Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp has now wrapped adult a third summer. The stay was a brainchild of Sandra Collins, who got a thought after her daughter, Scarlett, had a run-in during her prior camp. Scarlett’s friend, in anger, had suggested to other kids that Scarlett had been innate a biological boy.

Now, Rainbow Camp, run out of a propagandize in El Cerrito, is a place “where gender-diverse girl can come together, have fun, and feel a clarity of gender-identity honour and resilience, and feel protected and belonging in a community,” Collins said.

“To be in this space where there are lots and lots of [transgender] kids is indeed unequivocally unique,” pronounced Sara Kaplan, whose son, James, attended a stay this summer. “Because many of a time they’re in practice where they’re a usually child who is transgender.”

James pronounced being surrounded by other transgender kids has really been a positive.

“It’s really extraordinary to be with people that are also transgender,” James said. “The stay has helped me in life knowledge and being reduction bashful about who we am.”

Watch a video, above.

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