12 Benefits of a Summer Camp Job

October 30, 2017 - summer camp

Working during a summer camp is substantially one of a many rewarding practice I’ve ever had. After we graduated from high school, we knew we indispensable a full-time job. we was saving adult for a division forward and also knew we indispensable to have some good practice before withdrawal home.

Now that it’s 4 years later, we can contend that a 7 weeks we spent as a summer stay advisor benefited me in some-more ways than one. If you’re struggling with either or not to work during a summer camp, here are some reasons for a “pro” column.


1. Avoid laziness

When we start giving your resume to employers after on down a line, they’ll see that we didn’t spend your summers sitting on your boundary personification video games. They’ll conclude your expostulate and joining to operative a pursuit when we might not indispensably have indispensable to. If you’re prepared to dedicate your summer to some kiddos, afterwards positively do it! Employers will see it as a peculiarity trait after on.

2. Experience flexibility

Typically, summer stay jobs have a bit some-more coherence than standard bureau jobs. Summer camps jobs meant there are a lot some-more counselors than usually we (hopefully). This means you’ll have a bit some-more coherence when seeking for time off, holding lunch, etc.

3. Be a purpose model

As a stay counselor, you’ll have a event to offer as a purpose model for children. They’ll demeanour adult to we for an whole summer. You’ll feel like a luminary when kids are pursuit your name from opposite a stadium all summer.

4. Make bank

Food and stay are customarily lonesome by a stay when you’re hired. You won’t have anywhere to spend your paycheck since you’ll be examination kiddos all day each day. You’ll be means to batch adult your assets while wasting your worries divided in nature. Pretty good deal, eh?

5. Experience other tools of a country

Camp counselors are indispensable all over a country. If you’re looking for this kind of summer job, there’s a good possibility we could transport to another partial of a country. Not usually will we accommodate people from all over, you’ll get to see tools of a nation we might not have been means to otherwise.

6. Let loose/act silly

Camp counselors lead chants and make kids laugh. You literally get paid to act like a goofy so kiddos will have fun. There’s a turn of highlight that comes with a responsibility, though there’s also an opening for we to let lax that your friends in bureau internships won’t get.

7. Build skills simultaneously

While you’re holding caring of 15-20 kids, you’re also communicating with co-workers, brainstorming, and problem-solving. There are so many tools of being a stay advisor that will urge your workplace skills.

8. Learn about yourself

Kids are unpredictable. There’s no approach to tell what your day is going to demeanour like. You’ll learn where your strengths are and where we need to urge when we have on-the-fly situations we have to handle.

9. Create life-long friendships

Spending a whole summer with people means you’ll emanate relations that could final a prolonged time. Other stay counselors can turn friends for life — so take advantage of a event to accommodate people and value a friendships we make.

10. Make a difference

Being a stay advisor is one of a best ways to make a disproportion in a lives of children. If you’re looking for rewarding work, we can pledge you’ll find it with a job as a stay counselor.

11. Take caring of others

You’ll remove your greedy side after being a stay advisor for a summer. You’ll spend each waking impulse of your summer holding caring of kiddos who demeanour adult to you. When your summer is over, you’ll have to mangle your robe of removing adult to do refills or counting how many people are in your group.

12. Spend your summer being active

Being a stay advisor will really keep we off of your butt. You could use this event to get yourself behind in figure (because a college years are tough). Running after kids is tough work — you’ll get your daily cardio for sure.

When we confirm to start looking for stay advisor positions, you’re signing adult for a summer of fun. The advantages that will come out of this knowledge are endless. My stay counselors stayed in a cabin with us. They were a “mom” during night and a “big sister” during a day. we could go to my stay advisor about anything. Sometimes we was scared. Sometimes we was homesick. Sometimes we usually indispensable a good laugh.

Being a stay advisor is not usually rewarding but also beneficial. If you’re looking for a summer job, demeanour into apropos a summer stay counselor. You won’t bewail it.

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